Destiny 2 Destiny 2
• No racism or racist remarks in clan channels or clan chat/groups. If you want to be racist in tells/whispers/PMs, that's your own business. Not only does it turn people off but it limits your potential as a clan to recruit, and won't be tolerated.
• The above rule also goes for homophobia/homophobic remarks in clan channels or clan chat/groups.
• Regarding the above rules, first infraction gets you a warning, past that it's up to the officers as to whether or not you stay in the clan.
• Don't be annoying. Pretty simple.
• Group raid invites: As there are limited spots, we will be giving priority to people who have progressed their characters the furthest and have the best gear at that point in time. As we get an idea of what everyone is capable of we will be more apt to lean off the character progression side and err more on the side of skill and proficiency. This is left solely to the officers' decision.